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Billing & Insurance Information

We strive continuously to keep our fees within the customary range for this area. They reflect the high level of care you will receive from your health care professional. Our fees for services—including office visits and procedures—are based upon the severity and complexity of your symptoms or illness as well as the amount of time spent evaluating and treating your condition. We have standardized charges for various surgical procedures. Please feel free to discuss any questions about our fees with the office staff.

Missed Appointments

If you are unable to keep your appointment, we ask that you call the office to cancel.

  • If you miss 1 appointment, there is a $26 charge that must be paid before you can be seen.
  • If you miss 3 consecutive appointments, we ask that you find a new provider.

Payments & Fees

We endeavor to keep down the cost of your medical care. Therefore, we require payment at the time of service. Cash, personal checks, and major credit cards are accepted for payment of accounts. If other arrangements are needed, please talk to our business manager prior to receiving the services.

The fees for obstetrical care include an initial comprehensive history and physical exam, routine uncomplicated prenatal visits (including blood pressure and screening for complications), care during labor, vaginal delivery, in-hospital postpartum care, and your postpartum visit between four and six weeks following delivery. Any special laboratory tests, procedures, high-risk pregnancy, ultrasounds, additional office visits for problems, and cesarean delivery will require fees beyond those for routine pregnancy. We ask that any obstetric fees not covered by insurance be pain by the 32nd week of pregnancy. For surgical procedures, we ask that any co-payment be paid before your scheduled procedure, if possible.

We encouraged you to discuss fees for obstetric care or gynecologic surgery with our business manager to arrange payments that will be convenient and acceptable. We are happy to discuss any fees you may expect to incur. We do not want anyone’s financial situation to be an obstacle for good medical care; therefore, we will make every effort possible to accommodate you with an appropriate payment schedule on an individual basis. If this is your situation, please discuss this with our billing personnel. Please advise us if any financial difficulties arise.


As a convenience to our patients, we are participating providers with most major insurance carriers in the area. We have agreed to accept as full payment the amount allowed by these companies. Unless under contract to do otherwise, our office will submit charges for services to your insurance provider for obstetrical care, major surgical procedures, and diagnostic testing. We do expect payment at the time of service for office visits, lab work, and other routine tests. Please remember that your medical insurance is a contract between and you and your insurance company. We consider you primarily responsible for any charge or co-payment not paid by insurance. Many companies do not pay the total fee for services rendered in spite of what they may claim.

As stated previously, we will assist you in filing claims. You can help by checking with your insurance company to see whether or not the requested services are a covered benefit. We do request assignment on all insurance forms. Overpayment by an insurance carrier will be refunded to you. Again, you are ultimately responsible for your bills regardless of what the insurance pays.

You’ll notice a list of networks and insurance companies that we participate with; this list changes periodically; it is your responsibility to check with your plan for our participation. While we may participate with these companies, not all plans within the company are included. Please check on your particular plan.


Valley Health Plan


• Aetna
• Anthem
• Cigna
• Tricare
• Southern Health
• Medicaid
• Virginia Premier
• Optima
• United Healthcare

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email us at or give us a call at (540) 438-1314